I am a clarinetist and composer at the University of North Texas Studying Music Education and theory! I am a senior who's going to school for 5 years to complete extra elective classes and a minor. 

I have two cats Rochy and Sergei (named after Rachmaninoff) Sergei is a crazy black cat and Rochy is a scaredy-cat who hides, but they're both very sweet. I'm a massive Sci-fi and Star Trek fan. My favorite composer is Gustav Mahler and my favorite works are his second and 9th symphony, as well as Dvorak 7, 9, and Rachmaninoff 2, I love late and post Romanticism!

After graduation I hope to teach band, I'm Undecided about what level I'd want to teach. My current aspirations within college are to get experience in teaching while I still have the safety and support of the university and its staff, continue to expand my knowledge through new and different classes from what is in the degree catalog, and become a better and stronger teacher and musician.